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My name is Wendy and I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my wonderful family and three special dogs. I have been sewing my own clothes since I was 12 but started my collar business after the arrival of my first show puppy, a beautiful black masked red Afghan Hound. She was named Bianca, Queen of the Night. Unfortunately she was diagnosed as an hermaphrodite at six months of age. She then endured being spayed, neutered and cosmetically altered. Needless to say, after owning Afghans for 30 years and this being my first show puppy, I was devastated.

Thinking I needed to do something positive about the situation, I decided to start researching Martingale collars. From there I sourced  the highest quality collar hardware. I made several test collars for my dogs, and they are still modeling them today. As of today, I have been selling my collars at dog events, craft shows and at Brenda’s Country Clips. My collars have been shipped coast to coast in Canada, USA and Europe.

It has been so much fun meeting all these lovely people willing to spend their hard earned money on something that I have created.   I continue to search for more fabric and ribbon to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

At the moment, my sample book contains 500+ ribbons of various widths and 250+ fabrics.

I would like to thank my husband, Michael, for the lovely art work that he created, my daughter Brittany, for going with me to the dog events and the craft shows and my web designer, Ben Lee, for his creativity, knowledge and putting up with me. 

Thank you all, Wendy.


This is Bianca, Queen of the Night.



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Contact me at: qbcollars@rogers.com